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iOS 15 SwiftUI 3.0 Loan Tracker MVVM

In the iOS15 Loan Tracker course, we will focus on data transfer and structuring in SwiftUI Applications. You will learn how to use MVVM pattern, CoreData, and CloudKit.

SwiftUI Coffee Shop App

In SwiftUI iOS13 Coffee Shop Application we are going to build a real online coffee ordering application.

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iOS 14 Chat App

In iOS 14 & Swift Chat Application Like Whatsapp Viber Telegram, we are going to build a real-world iOS application. And when I say real world, I mean you can use this App every day, communicate with friends and family!

iOS 14 Tinder App

In the iOS14 Tinder-like Dating application with Firebase & Swift, we are going to build a copy of the Tinder Application.

Online Tic Tac Toe Game

Build online multiplayer game with SwiftUI and Firebse Firestore.

About Us

iOSDevSchool was established in 2014, by a young and energetic Multimedia Developer.
After understanding that the future of learning is online courses and not Universities and Colleges. More and more people every year move from the standard way of learning to online courses and the biggest advantage to online courses is that you can watch them in your own free time and get the same knowledge with just a fraction of the price. You will not have University or College degree, but in most cases, employees don’t even look at your Degree when they hire you for work. What the look at is your portfolio and your knowledge, and Online courses will provide you with both!
Since 2012 we have steadily grown with tens of thousands of active online students from around the world. Our courses were selected by Udemy as Top Rated and Best Selling courses. We are proud to say that our students are satisfied with our work and the proof of that is their reviews of our courses.
How is the iOSDevSchool different from other online courses? Our biggest priority is to provide high-quality learning material and we put student satisfaction in 1st place. What we want is that after our course the students learn something new for them and use the knowledge in their everyday life to help them to become better iOS Developers. You can make money from home without even needing to go to work, this is the dream of every person.
Our courses are targeting all levels of developers, no matter what your background is, if you want to learn to become an iOS developer, we can help you to achieve your goal. We have different courses for different levels starting from absolute beginners and going up to more advanced courses.
We provide lifetime access to all our courses and support to does who need more help apart from watching video lessons.
iOS Dev School also provides a 30-day money-back with no questions asked! Our system is automated and will issue the refund within a few working days if you are not satisfied for any reason. Student Satisfaction is our Top Priority!
We provide IT consulting custom website and mobile application development for all your needs. Also, we help market and advertise your applications on AppStore and Google Play Store.

What we offer

IT Consulting

At iOSDevSchool we don’t just provide video lessons, we are also here to help and support you with your projects. If you need consulting for your business, we are happy to help you to move your business to the digital world and to mobile devices. Expand your business to increase your income.

Video Lessons

At iOSDevSchool, we provide different video tutorials on how to learn iOS development and start a new carrier today. We will teach you the skills you need to change your life, start earning money with your new skills. Develop iOS applications and upload them to App Store. All you need is to subscribe to any of our courses and start learning today.

iOS App Development

If you have an established business or it is just a startup idea that you want to develop, we can provide you with the solution. iOSDevSchool develops any mobile applications you may need. If you can imagine, we can build it. Our experienced team will help you to polish your idea into a beautiful mobile app.

What our customers say


Really well explained the complete project. Doesn’t just concentrate on theory, but shows a very nice real-world solution.

William Aye-Addo

The Instructor is calm, slow, with very clear directions and understanding. I'm impressed with the installations on the terminal.


Very responsive teacher, in fact, the most responsive teacher I have seen. He even helped me with my issues in his private time using team viewer to fix my problem! Thumbs up! Corse is fantastic, a lot of useful material, best $ I have ever spent!

Alvaro Oliveira

The instructor has very much knowledge and know-how to explain. From the most simple code, until the more complex, I understood any single line of the code. Thank you so much.

Carlos Morales

Been such a breeze so far getting through. He explains it so well. Loving it so far.

Muhamed Alkhatib

Amazing David, this is really great course. I highly recommend this course for all people interested in getting advanced in iOS. Although this course is for a specific application, during the course, you will learn a lot of new ideas and development patterns. Again very well done. I already purchased most of your courses. Please let me know if you have any new courses on the way.

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