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For the last 2 months I am working hard on a new course which will be ready soon!

I would like to thank all of you who participated in the survey and helped with the new course decision making.

I just wanted to give you a heads up on the new course. Its going to be an e-commerce app.

More specifically I decided to build a real estate app, but once you build it, its very easy to adjust the app to any e-commerce products (e.g. e-shop or buy-sell platform).

The app is going to be a platform where real estate agents can post their advertisements and buyers who are looking to buy/rent a property will be able to find their dream property.

The business plan of the platform will be as follows:

There will be 2 types of users: Agents and Buyers.

Agents will have to buy subscription to the app to be able to post properties. This group will be the one that will spend money and bring profit for the app. We will use in-app purchase for this, you can decide on subscription plan, like one off, or monthly etc.

Agents will be able to post unlimited number of properties for sale on the platform.

Buyers (free subscription) will be able to post 1 property only in for sale section, and search the listings, contact the agent to view or purchase the property.

Guests that didn’t register will be able to use the app to search their desired properties, but they won’t be able to contact the Agents to arrange viewing or buying the property. Also, they cannot post any properties in for sale section.
This is done to get more users to register for the app. Also, Buyer can update to Agent at any time after registration.

We will use phone number verification for the app users to login/register.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Firebase Authentication (Phone)
  • Firebase database
  • Firebase file storage
  • Push Notifications
  • UIScrollViews
  • UICollectionViews
  • Image slideShows
  • Location manager
  • UserDefaults
  • MapKit
  • In App purchases
  • Debugging
  • iOS certificate creation and management
  • UIPickerViews
  • DateFormatting
  • Custom Protocols
  • Custom UICollectionViewCells design
  • 3rd party code integration
  • And many more…

When we are done with the app, we will upload it to AppStore, I will show you step by step how to upload your apps to App store.

As usual, my courses will show you how to build 1 App only in great details. I will cover every line of code with explanation. When we are done you will learn so much that you can build your dream app and start making money with your skills.

The course will use latest Swift, iOS and xCode versions. For some of the options in the course you will need paid Apple developer license (Push Notifications, and uploading the app to app store).

Remember you are not buying the course only, but also my support on the course and your other projects.

I’m trying to answer to all questions within 24 hours (usually its 6-10 hours).

I am always here to help you with advise on the features you want to add to an existing app or to help you with the structure of new project.