New project is coming out soon, you want to back it up?

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Hey there! I am planning to release a new version of the QuickChat application with lot of cool features! Currently the project is in planning stage and if I get enough people to back it up, the project will receive a green light and the production will begin. If you are interested in this project and want to back it, please follow the link below to get more information on the project.  

Backendless 4 friend function fix for QuickChat 2.0

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Since Backendless Version 4 is different then the Version 3, some of the students were having issues adding friends to the user. Here is a fix how to change the code to work with Backendless version 4. We have to change 4 files in the App. The change is only for load function, also we are adding 1 extra function to each file. you have to update 4 files to make it work, below is each file with its code updates, the rest of the functions stay as they are Friend.swift file import Foundation class Friend: NSObject { var objectId: String? var userOneId: String? // var userTwo: BackendlessUser? <—Old Code var userTwo: String? //<—–New Code } FriendsViewController.swift filr //Replace old load with this func loadFriends() { cleanup() let whereClause = “userOneId = ‘\(backendless!.userService.currentUser.objectId!)'” let queryBuilder = DataQueryBuilder() queryBuilder!.setWhereClause(whereClause) dataStore?.find(queryBuilder, response: { (friends_) -> () in if friends_ != nil { print(“have friends”) let friends = friends_! as! [Friend] self.friendObjects = friends for friend in friends { self.friendId.append(friend.userTwo as! String) } […]

E-Commerce App

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I am still working on the videos, 50% is done and I will be adding more every day until i finish the course. The course is expected to be ready in first half of November. You can start the course at any time since its available on the website already! Please follow the link to get more information on the course and find out what we are going to build together. As usual, my courses are covering only 1 application per course and it will be in great details, every single line of code explained! Go to and click on E-Commerce course to get more details. As usual, I am providing my course to my current students at 50% discount, use CURRENTSTUDENT coupon code on checkout to get your discount. Best regards, David